How to Use RxSaver To Save On Shingrix Shot at Pharmacy


How to Use RxSaver To Save On Shingrix Shot at Pharmacy

RxSaver Editors
By RxSaver Editors
Oct 28, 2020
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The Shingles vaccine is a routine shot and highly recommended for adults over the age of 50. The Shingrix shot helps to prevent a common and often painful virus called Shingles.

The cash price and sometimes even your copay price for the Shingrix vaccine can be pricey, but RxSaver offers free coupons that can help you save up to 85% off your Shringrix vaccine.

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How do I save money on the Shingrix shot if I don’t have health insurance?

RxSaver offers free coupons on the Shingrix shot that can be used at any pharmacy. RxSaver coupons are completely free and can be used in place of insurance for your Shringrix vaccine. Simply search for the Shingrix shot through RxSaver and you’ll be provided with a list of available coupon options at pharmacies closest to you.

How do I use the RxSaver Shingrix coupon?

It’s easy! Just show your RxSaver Shingrix coupon at whichever pharmacy corresponds with your coupon when you go in to get your shot.

1. Search Shingrix on RxSaver.

2. Browse the coupon list and hit “Show Coupon” for the RxSaver coupon you want to use on your Shingrix shot.

3. Make sure you go to the pharmacy that matches your coupon and show the coupon to the pharmacist.

4. Get your Shingrix shot and save!

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Do I need a prescription from my doctor to get the Shingrix shot?

A prescription for a shingles vaccine varies depending on your state. Once you find the RxSaver coupon you want to use on your Shingles vaccine, be sure to call the pharmacy you plan to go to and ask if they require a prescription for the vaccine.

Which pharmacy locations will accept the Shingrix shot coupon?

RxSaver coupons are accepted at all major pharmacies and some locally-owned pharmacies. Be sure to search your location on RxSaver to determine which Shingrix coupon is best for you. Once you select the coupon you want to use just show the RxSaver coupon to the pharmacist when you go in for your Shingrix vaccine.

Do I need insurance to use the RxSaver Shingrix coupon?

You do not need insurance in order to use an RxSaver coupon. An RxSaver coupon can be used in place of your insurance and oftentimes can beat a copay price for those with health care coverage. Always search RxSaver before filling any medication, in addition to searching for coupons on vaccines, to find the best coupons for your medications and vaccines.

RxSaver Helps You Save Up to 85% on Medications

Shingrix isn’t the only vaccine RxSaver offers coupons to help you save. Be sure to search RxSaver for vaccines like the flu shot, prescription medications, and even over-the-counter medications. Every five seconds someone saves using RxSaver!

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