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We understand how important it is to ensure your patients follow your recommendations when it comes to their health. At RxSaver, we help improve medical adherence by helping patients afford their prescriptions.

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Our Mission

RxSaver is dedicated to helping patients save on their Rx medications1. We know how critical it is for patients to follow recommendations when it comes to their health. We help improve medication adherence by providing free prescription coupons to help your patients save.

Why It's Important

Patients are anxious about their medical costs. The average American spends $644 on prescriptions each year2. Health care providers can offer patients a solution to alleviate the burden of high drug costs.
of health care providers say prescription savings programs increase medical adherence3
1 in 4
patients say a medical condition became worse because they avoided paying for medication they needed4
of Americans have had to choose to avoid paying for prescriptions to be able to cover other expenses4
1 in 10
prescriptions were abandoned due to cost in 2019, a slight increase over the previous year5

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