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Frequently Asked Questions

Is a membership or sign-up required to use RxSaver?

RxSaver is 100% free to use. No membership or sign-up is required.

Can I use this with insurance or a government assisted program?

RxSaver can be used instead of insurance or government programs like Medicare/Medicaid. However, our coupon prices may beat your health insurance co-pay. Always check RxSaver first to make sure you’re saving the most whether you are insured or uninsured.

What is the difference between an RxSaver Prescription Discount Card and a coupon?

There’s no difference between how a Prescription Discount card and an RxSaver coupon work. However, our website will provide the best available option between additional nearby pharmacies so you can shop price options in your area. The discount card will provide savings on the cash price for medications at every pharmacy, but will not help you compare medication prices at different pharmacies. Only our website and mobile app can help you compare medication prices at pharmacies nearby.

Does the RxSaver prescriptions discount card expire?

While RxSaver Prescriptions Discount Cards don’t expire, prescription prices may change. For the most up to date savings, check RxSaver’s website or free mobile app before filling your prescription for the most accurate coupon savings.

Where can I use the RxSaver Prescription Discount Card?

RxSaver discount cards are not specific to one prescription or pharmacy. Our discount card can be used to access discounts on 6,000+ medications at all major pharmacies!

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