How to Use RxSaver For Flu Shot Coupon at CVS


How to Use RxSaver For Flu Shot Coupon at CVS

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Oct 13, 2020
How to Use RxSaver For Flu Shot Coupon at CVS

Flu season is here and with the uncertainty of what this flu season will look like alongside the COVID-19 pandemic, health care officials are recommending Americans to get their flu shot now to avoid becoming sick from this year’s flu virus strain.

How do I save money on the flu shot if I don’t have health insurance?

RxSaver offers a free flu shot coupon that can be used at any CVS Pharmacy when you go in to get your flu shot vaccine. The RxSaver coupon is completely free to use and beats the CVS cash price for the flu shot without insurance.

Save On Your Flu Shot at CVS

Free Coupon. No Insurance Needed.

Show Coupon

How do I use the RxSaver flu shot coupon at CVS?

It’s simple! Just show the below coupon at your CVS Pharmacy when you go to your nearest CVS location.

1. Find your nearest CVS pharmacy (you can go to any CVS pharmacy to use this RxSaver coupon!)

2. Show the below coupon at the pharmacy counter when you ask to get your flu vaccine.

RxSaver Flu Shot Savings Card for CVS Pharmacy

3. Get your flu shot and save!

Which pharmacy locations will accept the RxSaver flu shot coupon?

The $37 RxSaver flu shot coupon above is valid at any CVS pharmacy, including those inside Target stores. You must be at a CVS pharmacy in order to use the RxSaver $37 coupon. If you’d like to use a coupon at a different pharmacy, RxSaver’s convenient price look-up tool can help you see flu shot pricing at pharmacies in your area.

Do I need insurance to use the RxSaver flu shot coupon?

You do not need insurance to use RxSaver coupons. In fact, RxSaver will be applied to your vaccine purchase to help you save instead of an insurance benefit. If you do have health insurance, many pharmacies offer free flu shots depending on your coverage. Be sure to check with the pharmacy directly to know how much you’ll pay for the flu shot.

RxSaver Helps You Save Up to 85% on Medications

Since flu season is here it’s important to take stock of which medications you have at home as we head into the winter season. Check expiration dates and make sure your medicine cabinet has what you need to get through the cold and flu season.

For any prescription medications and even over-the-counter medications be sure to use RxSaver to help save up to 85% off at pharmacies nearby.

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