How To Use RxSaver Card on Over-The-Counter Medications


How To Use RxSaver Card on Over-The-Counter Medications

RxSaver Editors
By RxSaver Editors
Sept 10, 2020
How To Use RxSaver Card on Over-The-Counter Medications

What are over-the-counter (OTC) medications?

Over-the-counter mediations, or OTC medications, are medications that do not require a prescription from a health care provider in order to purchase. These medications are typically found stocked on shelves at retailers and offer specific directions for how to use on each label.

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How do I use the RxSaver Discount card to save on an OTC medication?

You can still use RxSaver to save on over the counter medications. You’ll just need a prescription from your health care provider, and to fill the medication at the pharmacy counter. In fact, RxSaver may offer a better price on an over the counter medication compared to the sticker price available on the shelf.

Follow these steps and determine if RxSaver can help you save on over counter medications costs:

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  1. Ask your health care provider to write a prescription of the over-the-counter medication and send the script to your local pharmacy.
RxSaver Prescription Discount Card

2. Once your script has been sent to the pharmacy ask the pharmacist to apply the RxSaver Prescription Savings Card to the prescription order. Either show the card above or request a card to be sent directly to you.

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3. Ask the pharmacist to provide the price of the OTC medication with the RxSaver discount card applied. Determine if the RxSaver coupon price or sticker price is cheaper and save!

You can always call ahead of your prescription pick up to determine the cost of price with the RxSaver Discount Card. Be sure to have the card ready and provide the pharmacy with the code information listed on the card.

Can my health care provider write a prescription for an OTC medication?

Absolutely. Many people don’t realize that many OTC medications can be filled through their pharmacy and may be cheaper compared to the shelf price of the medication. Be sure to discuss with your health care provider so they can determine your prescription based on your health needs. You will need a prescription of the OTC medication in order to apply savings from the RxSaver Discount Card at the pharmacy.

Will the RxSaver discount price be cheaper than the over the counter price for OTC medications?

Possibly! Ask your health care provider to write a prescription for your over the counter medication, this can include allergy medication, topical creams, and even eye drops depending on the medication you need. Once your prescription is sent to the pharmacy you can ask for the RxSaver Discount Card to be applied to the order.

Can I use RxSaver Discount Card if I don’t have insurance?

Yes, the RxSaver Discount Card can be applied to any prescription, including over-the-counter medications, regardless if you have health care insurance or not. If you have health care insurance, be sure to use the RxSaver Discount Card in place of your health insurance.

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Apply RxSaver Discount Card For Future Refills

You can always price check your OTC medication when using RxSaver before picking up. Just call ahead to the pharmacy and ask that the RxSaver Discount Card is applied to the order. Once the card is applied, the pharmacy will be able to tell you how much the prescription is compared to the shelf price of the OTC medication. Be sure to ask that the RxSaver Discount Card is automatically applied to your account so if savings are available on future fills, discounts will be automatically applied.

Use The RxSaver Discount Card To Save on OTC Medications

RxSaver can help you save up to 80% on your medications and this includes your over the counter medications. Chat with your health care provider to get the right prescription and keep RxSaver in mind when filling both your prescription and over-the-counter medications.

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