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The RxSaver Prescription Discount Card can help you save on any prescription at your pharmacy. Use the card in person, at the pharmacy drive-thru or over the phone. Request a discount card using the form below and we’ll send your free card right away. You can use it for new and refill prescriptions.

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You should receive your Prescription Savings cards in 2-3 weeks. If you need a card right away, use our digital prescription savings card to start saving today.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I Need a Membership?

RxSaver is 100% free to use. No membership required

What is the Difference Between a Prescription Savings Card and a RxSaver Coupon?

There’s no difference between how a Prescription Savings card and an RxSaver coupon work. That being said, we recommend you use the RxSaver website or our free mobile app to compare prices first. Since costs vary by pharmacy location, our search tool will find you the best coupon to use for your prescription.

How Do I Use This Card?

Use this Prescription Savings card at the pharmacy of your choosing and present your card to the pharmacist. Prices may vary based on pharmacy. 

Do Prescriptions Savings Card Expire?

While RxSaver Prescriptions Savings Cards don’t expire, prescription prices may change.

Can I Use This With Insurance or a Govt. Assisted Program?

RxSaver cannot be combined with insurance or Medicare/Medicaid. Our coupon prices may beat your copay.

Is RxSaver an Insurance Program?

RxSaver is a discount program. This is not insurance. Whenever you purchase a prescription using RxSaver, you are responsible for any payment to the pharmacy after the discount is applied at the time of service. Prices may vary at the time of service.

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Managing Multiple Prescriptions?

Download the RxSaver app to quickly save a list of all of your family’s medications.