How to Find the Lowest Price for Your Prescriptions


How to Find the Lowest Price for Your Prescriptions

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RxSaver Editors
By RxSaver Editors
Jan 19, 2019 - Updated Jul 09, 2020
How to Find the Lowest Price for Your Prescriptions

Finding the lowest price for your prescriptions can seem like a daunting task. With having to call or drive around town, request prices and deal with crunching all the numbers, it may feel like searching prices is a full-time job. But wait, there is a simpler way!

By using price look-up tools like RxSaver’s prescription price search engine, you can easily find the lowest priced pharmacy for your prescriptions.

How to Find Prescription Discounts

It’s simple to use tools like RxSaver. All you need to do is visit the website, or download the app on Google Play or the App Store, search prices, and get free coupons.

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Why You Should Shop Around for the Lowest Priced Pharmacy to Fill Prescriptions

Many people are still unaware that prescription drug prices vary not only by pharmacy location, but also by which discount source is used. For example, you may be paying much more out of pocket using a high deductible insurance plan than for the discounted cash price of a medication. In other instances, such as if you have met your annual deductible, insurance could be the cheaper option. Before filling your prescription, it’s important to search which pharmacy has the lowest price using tools like RxSaver. Then compare that coupon price to your insurance copay to see which option is cheapest.

Why do the same drugs have different prices at different pharmacies?

Drug prices vary by pharmacy for a number of reasons. One of the simplest ways to explain it is that different Pharmacy Benefit Managers PBMs (the companies that negotiate prices between pharmacies and drug manufacturers) have negotiated different prices with different pharmacies. When a number of different PBMs negotiate prices with a number of different pharmacies, you’ll find prices can vary widely.

Is this how you can find the lowest priced pharmacy to get prescriptions filled without insurance?

Yes, this is how. You can use RxSaver whether or not you have health insurance. However, it's important to know that RxSaver coupons are is used in place of insurance, and not stacked on top of the copay price. The price displayed on RxSaver is the price you will pay at the pharmacy counter. Searching RxSaver’s database an easy way to find the lowest price for your prescriptions filled without insurance.

If you are wondering, "How much will my prescription cost without insurance?" and want to learn more, you can read more in our blog post all about prescription costs without insurance.

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An Easy Way to Find Medicine at Discount Prices

Finding medicine at discounted prices has never been easier. You used to have to call around to find out what the price for your medication was going to be, and even then … the pharmacist rarely would give you the price of your medication over the phone. That led to you having to drive around town to find the lowest price.

By completing a few simple steps, like the ones we listed above, you should be able to find a discounted price for your medicine. Always remember, your insurance may not have the lowest price, which is why you should always shop around, using services like RxSaver to find prescription discounts for medications.

RxSaver Editors

RxSaver Editors

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