Atenolol, a Popular Blood Pressure Drug, Is Experiencing a Nationwide Shortage

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Atenolol, a Popular Blood Pressure Drug, Is Experiencing a Nationwide Shortage

RxSaver Editors
By RxSaver Editors
Aug 17, 2017
Atenolol, a Popular Blood Pressure Drug, Is Experiencing a Nationwide Shortage

UPDATE: The FDA is reporting that Atenolol is no longer in shortage and is available.

Due to the shortage of an active ingredient, a popular blood pressure medication, Atenolol, is currently in shortage.

Atenolol is the generic version of Tenormin and is manufactured by three separate companies – Mylan, Sandoz, Teva. According to the FDA, Zydus Pharmaceuticals says they are able to supply current customer demand and they have increased capacity to support additional demand.

The Atenolol shortage may require you to fill your prescription at a different pharmacy. You can use RxSaver’s search tool to locate which pharmacies have the lowest price for your Atenolol prescription. Before visiting the pharmacy, you may want to call ahead, to make sure they have Atenolol in stock.

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When will Atenolol be available?

According to the FDA, Mylan Pharmaceuticals will see a resupply of the active ingredient in Atenolol in February of 2018. Though Mylan will potentially get resupplied, Sandoz, Teva and Zydus Pharmaceuticals’ resupply date is still to be determined.

If the shortage isn’t resolved and you are unable to fill your prescription for Atenolol, be sure to ask your doctor about alternatives. There are currently no estimate release dates for when the Atenolol shortage will be resolved.

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For updates on the shortage, you can monitor the FDA’s website.

Is there a substitute for Atenolol?

Possible substitutes for Atenolol could be metoprolol tartrate, metoprolol succinate, and bisoprolol. We recommend discussing these substitutes with your physician, to see if they could be weaved into your treatment.

Is Atenolol being discontinued?

No, it is not being discontinued. Due to higher demand, an active ingredient in Atenolol is now in short supply.

Why is there a shortage of Atenolol?

Atenolol is in a shortage, because an active ingredient used to manufacture the drug is in low supply. This, along with high demand for the medication, is why it is in shortage. The drug was also recently added to the Walmart $4 generic list.

What is Atenolol?

Atenolol is a beta blocker, used to treat high blood pressure. It affects the heart and blood circulation. It is most often used to treat angina (chest pain) and hypertension (high blood pressure). Using drugs, like Atenolol, has been shown to reduce the risk of stroke and heart attack in patients. The drug has been shown to reduce the risk of death in patients, following a heart attack.

Antenolol may be taken with or without food. It should always be used as part of a comprehensive cardiovascular risk reduction program. This could includes diabetes management, smoking cessation, exercise, and other drug therapies. It can be used alongside other blood pressure lowering medications.

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