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What is Wilate?

This product contains human factor VIII (also called antihemophilic factor) and von Willebrand factor complex. Factors are proteins normally found in the blood that help the blood to thicken (clot) and stop any bleeding. People with low levels of factor VIII and von Willebrand factor are at risk for bleeding longer after an injury/surgery and for bleeding inside the body (especially into the joints and muscles). This product is used to temporarily replace the missing factors and reduce bleeding. Different brands of this product have different amounts of these factors, and therefore different uses. These products are not interchangeable. Do not change brands of this medication without the approval of your doctor. Some products are used to control and prevent bleeding episodes in people with low levels of factor VIII (hemophilia A). Some products are used to treat bleeding episodes in people with low levels of von Willebrand factor (von Willebrand disease) who do not respond to or cannot tolerate desmopressin. Some products are used to prevent excessive bleeding during and after surgery in patients with von Willebrand disease.