Women Can Now Recieve Birth Control Directly From Kroger Health Pharmacies in Eight States

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Women Can Now Recieve Birth Control Directly From Kroger Health Pharmacies in Eight States

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Bre D’Alessio South
By Bre D’Alessio South
Nov 13, 2019
Man-Khoi Nguyen, PharmD, BCPS
Medically Reviewed ByMan-Khoi Nguyen, PharmD, BCPS
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Access to birth control just became easier for residents of California, Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, and Washington. Thanks to Kroger Health Pharmacies.

Kroger recently announced that women will be able to get their hormonal birth control directly from a Kroger Health Pharmacist without having to make a visit with their physician.  Women have typically been unable to fill their prescription birth control products without consulting a health care provider first. With this new progressive step in health care from Kroger Health, more women will have access to hormonal contraceptive options, including the cycle pills, patches, injection, and rings.  The birth control methods not included are injection, implants or IUDs as these options are physician-administered drugs/devices.

Check with your local Kroger pharmacy for a complete list of products.

The Kroger Pharmacist will have a general consultation with the patient prior to filling the birth control prescription, meaning you just need to stop by the consultation window at your local Kroger Pharmacy and ask the pharmacist for their assistance.  The pharmacist now acts as the prescriber and will screen and prescribe an appropriate birth control medication based on the patient.

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The pharmacist on staff will complete a routine screening of the patient, which may include taking vitals such as blood pressure. The screening will also serve as a way for the patient to ask the pharmacist any specific questions they have about their personal health history. It’s always important to discuss any health concerns or questions with the pharmacist to determine which hormonal birth control option will work best based on health care needs. It also allows the pharmacist to review whether the available options are right for you and whether a referral to a physician is required.

Thanks to the visibility Kroger Health is providing and allowing pharmacists to prescribe and fill hormonal contraceptives, there is no longer a barrier between health care and patients having access to these prescriptions.

You can still use RxSaver to search for coupons at your nearby Kroger pharmacy once the pharmacist has determined the best birth control option based on your consultation. Search for the prescription medication below and see which coupons are available at your local Kroger pharmacy.*

*At this time, pharmacist prescribed hormonal birth control is only available at Kroger Health Pharmacies in Californa, Colorado, Idaho, New Mexico, Oregon, Utah, and Washington.

Bre D’Alessio South

Bre D’Alessio South

Bre D’Alessio South is the content marketing manager and managing editor of RxSaver. Her writing focuses on health care, mental health, and gender rights. At RxSaver, she also serves as co-lead for the employee resource group caRe, which focuses on mental health and chronic health support in the workplace.

Man-Khoi Nguyen, PharmD, BCPS

Man-Khoi Nguyen, PharmD, BCPS

Man-Khoi Nguyen, PharmD, BCPS, is a board-certified pharmacotherapy specialist pharmacist. Man-Khoi serves as Pharmaceutical Data Analyst for RxSaver, in addition to working as a clinical pharmacist for a health plan taking care of patients in the primary care setting.

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