Rite Aid Pharmacy Prices & Coupons

Prescription Prices Vary at Different Retailers

Most people are surprised to learn that their prescription prices can vary significantly depending on where they fill their prescriptions.  Pharmacy prices can easily change from pharmacy to pharmacy so it’s important to search for rx coupons or prescription discounts.

RxSaver allows you to save on your prescription medication before picking up at the Rite Aid pharmacy counter. If Rite Aid is your preferred pharmacy location, simply use the RxSaver tool or an RxSaver Prescription Savings Card for a discount on your drug price.

Rite Aid Pharmacy Discount Program

To combat high drug prices, Rite Aid offers its own Rx Savings Program which helps customers save significantly off their generic and brand name medications. All you have to do is sign up to become a Rite Aid Rx Savings member and can save up to 15% or more off your prescription medications. 

How RxSaver Can Help Lower Prescription Costs at Rite Aid Pharmacy

Rite Aid isn’t the only option when it comes to saving significantly on your prescription medication costs.  RxSaver is a free savings tool where you find coupons on 6,000+ medications at pharmacies in your area. No membership or sign-up required. Search your medication below and discover instant coupons on your prescription meds in seconds.

Use the RxSaver tool below to find discounted coupons on medications at nearby Rite Aid pharmacies

RxSaver May Be Cheaper Than Insurance

Most of us assume our healthcare coverage is providing us with the best price on our prescriptions.  However, healthcare coverage isn’t always the best price especially for those on high deductible healthcare plans.  RxSaver may beat your copay price and will always offer savings on cash prices. 

RxSaver cannot be combined with your insurance or federal/state-funded programs like Medicare/Medicaid.

Transferring Your Prescription to Rite Aid

When you find an Rx coupon through RxSaver you want to use at Rite Aid, don’t let transferring your prescription get in the way of using your RxSaver coupon.  Transferring your prescription is super simple and easy and can be accomplished in three easy steps.

Popular RxSaver Coupons at Rite Aid Pharmacy

Drug NameAverage RxSaver Price at Costco Pharmacy*
Vitamin D$9.99
Amphetamine salt combo$13.49

More Ways to Access RxSaver Rite Aid Prescription Prices

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Download the RxSaver app to access drug discount coupons anytime.

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Request a Discount Card

Request form and fill it out. We’ll mail a discount card directly to you. The next time you go to your local Rite Aid Pharmacy, simply hand the RxSaver Discount Card to the pharmacy staff when you fill it.

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About Rite Aid Pharmacies

  • Largest drugstore chain on the East Coast
  • Third largest drugstore chain in the United States
  • Rediclinic available at select stores
  • Immunizations offered year round at most locations
  • FlavoRx available to make ingesting medications easier
  • Free blood pressure screenings
  • QUIT FOR YOU program to help smokers quit
Starting as a single store in 1962, Rite Aid debuted in Scranton, Pennsylvania under the name Thrift D Discount Center. After growing for several subsequent years, Rite Aid assumed its current name and went public in 1968. Using the ticker RAD, Rite Aid is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange. In October 2015, Walgreens announced that it would acquire Rite Aid pending approval.
Rite Aid is committed to help you manage your health by including convenient and personal pharmacy services. RxSaver is proud to be accepted at Rite Aid Pharmacies across the nation.

*Pricing averaged across various Rite Aid Pharmacy locations on 06/11/2021. Prices fluctuate frequently and can vary by zip code. Visit RxSaver.com to find coupon prices and pharmacies in your area.