Pharmacist Information to Help Patients Find Discounts on Drugs

What can you, as a pharmacist or pharmacy tech, do to help prescription abandonment?
Discount codes to lower prescription drug prices

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We’re fighting alongside you to keep Rx prices affordable and your patients healthy!
If your pharmacy would like be a part of helping patients better afford their medications, please contact us.

prescription abandonment

1 in 4 Americans skipped filling
a medication due to high costs

excluded from formularies

More drugs are being excluded
from insurance formularies

prescription cost unreasonable

72% of Americans say the cost of
prescription drugs is unreasonable

“I saved over $100 on one medication through RxSaver! By searching the app, I easily found the cheapest price at a local pharmacy. I presented the discount codes to the pharmacist and even she was shocked at the savings!”

RxSaver User

You can help patients better afford their prescriptions
by applying RxSaver’s discount codes to their medication

Our discount codes can help you find the lowest medication price at your pharmacy

How is Rx Saver different than other discount programs?


Doesn’t require registration or
pre-paid vouchers

Doesn’t switch your patients to
mail order

Helps improve medication

Multi PBM pricing takes the guesswork out of which discount program to use

Low administrative fees are included in the prices so the patient and pharmacies both win

Some of the Participating Pharmacy Chains

Walmart   | CVS   | Walgreens   | Rite Aid   | CVS Inside Target   | Costco   | Sam’s Club   | Kmart | Kroger
We also include many local and regional grocery store pharmacies.

RxSaver allows users to compare prescription prices and get discounts at local pharmacies across the nation. Please Contact Us for more information.