Adlyxin Starter Pack


Adlyxin Starter Pack Warnings

  • Use this medication before a meal. Read label carefully for how many times to use each day.
  • May cause dizziness
  • Refrigerate unopened cartridges or pens. Once in use, do not refrigerate. Store the cartridge or pen in use at room temperature.
  • Discard unused portion after the expiration date of _______________.
  • Date opened __________________
  • This drug may impair the ability to operate a vehicle, vessel (e.g., boat), or machinery. Use care until you become familiar with its effects.
  • Do not freeze
  • For single patient use only.
  • Protect from light

Lactation Warnings


Pregnancy Warnings

  • Based on drug pharmacology developmental toxicity is possible. Insufficient human data available. Poorly controlled maternal diabetes can lead to increased maternal and fetal/neonatal morbidity and mortality. Animal data suggest developmental toxicity at doses less than10 times the maximum recommended human dose.