Prescription Prices Vary at Different Retailers

Pharmacy prices and pharmacy coupons vary depending on the retailer you pick up your prescription medication from and could also vary by zip code area.

It’s important to search for prescription prices before you fill your medication or refill a recurring prescription. RxSaver was created to help customers find prescription coupons in seconds at their nearest pharmacy. Search RxSaver now to see Costco Pharmacy prices.

Costco Pharmacy Discount Program

Costco offers its Costco Member Prescription Program which allows eligible Costco members and any family member under the age of 18 or a legal dependent of the Costco member, the option to pay a lower price on their prescription. Pets are also eligible members of the discount program.

The Costco Prescription Program is an added benefit of being an active member of Costco and paying an annual fee. Costco savings on prescription prices range from 2% to 40% depending on the medication.

How RxSaver Can Help Lower Prescription Costs at Costco Pharmacy

Costco isn’t the only place you can save on your prescription medications. RxSaver allows you to search for prescription coupons in seconds for pharmacies that are closest to you. Rx coupons are available instantly and free to use, all you need to do is show the coupon to the pharmacist when picking up your prescription.

Use the RxSaver tool below to search discounted coupons on medications at nearby pharmacies

Save Up to 80% on Prescription Drugs

RxSaver May Be Cheaper Than Your Insurance

RxSaver may offer a lower prescription cost than your copay or deductible pricing, so it’s important to check both your prescription price and RxSaver before filling your prescription.

RxSaver helps customers by offering discount coupons on set cash prices with pharmacies. Depending on your medication, we often beat full cash prices and can help you save money when filling a prescription at nearby pharmacies.

RxSaver cannot be combined with insurance or any government-funded plans like Medicare or Medicaid.

Transferring your Prescription to Costco

You don’t have to be a member of Costco to fill your prescription!

You are able to fill your prescription at any nearby Costco by simply transferring or filling your current prescription medication with Costco.

When your prescription is ready, simply enter the store and head to the pharmacy. If the employee monitoring the entrance asks for your membership card, just let them know you are there to pick up a prescription.

Be sure to show your RxSaver coupon to the pharmacist at the pharmacy counter.

Popular RxSaver Coupons at Costco Pharmacy

Drug NameAverage RxSaver Price at Costco Pharmacy*
Amphetamine salt combo$13.49

More Ways to Access RxSaver Costco Prescription Prices

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Request a Discount Card

Request form and fill it out. We’ll mail a discount card directly to you. The next time you go to your local Costco pharmacy, simply hand the RxSaver Discount Card to the pharmacy staff when you fill it.

About Costco pharmacies

  • Pharmacy Immunization Program – Walk In, No Appointment
  • Home Delivery Available
  • Over 150 Prescription Drugs for Pets
  • Auto-Refill Program
  • Health & Wellness Clinics

The first Costco location opened in San Diego, California in 1976 under the name “Price Club.” The building where it was housed was actually a converted airplane hangar. Seven years later in Seattle, the first Costco warehouse location was opened. The first Costco pharmacy opened in Portland, Oregon in 1986. As of 2015, Costco was the second largest retailer in the world, behind Walmart.

*Pricing averaged across various Costco Pharmacy locations on 06/10/2021. Prices fluctuate frequently and can vary by zip code. Visit to find coupon prices and pharmacies in your area.