Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources from RxSaver

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resources from RxSaver

RxSaver Editors
By RxSaver Editors
Mar 17, 2020
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At RxSaver we know your health is critical and top of mind. Here is a round up of our most relevant coronavirus (COVID-19), emergency preparedness, and wellness content to help you stay informed. Our coronavirus coverage has been reviewed by our medical experts, and is grounded in guidance from the Centers for Disease Control and World Health Organization. We are committed to your health during this time and beyond.


CDC: Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

CDC Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

CDC Chart of Symptoms

How to Prepare

How to Make A Face Mask

What To Do If You Are Sick

Managing Anxiety and Stress

WHO: World Health Organization

WHO Coronavirus (COVID-19) Information

WHO Coronavirus (COVID-19) Situation Reports

WHO Coronavirus (COVID-19) Myth Busters

State Health Departments

Department of Health and Human Services

HHS Coronavirus (COVID-19) Updates

American Lung Association

Protecting Yourself From the Spread of Coronavirus (COVID-19)

APhA: American Pharmacists Association

Pharmacists’ Guide to Coronavirus (COVID-19)

FIP: International Pharmaceutical Federation

Pharmacists’ Decision Tree to Guide Patients

AMA: American Medical Association

AMA Coronavirus (COVID-19) Resource Center for Physicians

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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Pharmacy Delivery Options

Transferring Your Prescription


What is Telemedicine?

10 Telehealth Services Available for Medical Help

Emergency Preparedness

Emergency Preparedness Checklist

Handwashing Tips

Importance of Washing Your Hands

3 Reasons to Practice Routine Hand Hygiene

Sleeping Tips

Tips for Better Sleep

Coping with Stress and Anxiety/Managing Your Mental health

5 Ways to Talk to Your Boss About Mental Health

4 Ways to Check-In on Your Mental Health

The Connection Between Sleep and Mental Health

Coping With Anxiety

Prescription Savings Resources

Prescription Discount Programs

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RxSaver Editors

RxSaver Editors

RxSaver Editors are wellness enthusiasts who help you learn how you can save the most on prescription medication costs and other health-related topics.

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