Rx Advocacy

Prescription Assistance Program

We advocate for you!
“I save over $1600 a month on my diabetes prescriptions. You guys are angels!”
– Valerie
Incredible Savings Stories
Due to the rising costs of prescription drugs, some people are forced to skip doses or avoid purchasing the medication that could save their lives.
We intend to help those people get their meds (for free in many instances) to ensure they can control their health.
The Rx Advocacy Program, a prescription assistance program, was created to help those who are on high cost prescription drugs and cannot afford them, regardless of income or insurance.
Quick Facts about the Rx Advocacy Program
  • Qualify with or without insurance
  • Qualify regardless of income level
  • Brand name and high cost generic drugs
  • No age limitations (Medicare recipients can qualify)
  • No cost to apply
  • Low monthly membership fee: $60
  • Not just for first time users
  • Ongoing supply (not limited to 2-3 months)
  • Medications from reputable pharmaceutical companies only
  • No contract (monthly program)
“I have good insurance but was still paying $800 out of pocket each month for my daughter’s prescriptions. Now thru the Rx Advocacy Program, I pay the small membership fee and am saving hundreds each month.”
Common Conditions & Prescriptions
We have been able to advocate for nearly every brand name and high cost generic drug. However, we have been particularly successful in advocating for the following ailments and their respective medications:

High Cholesterol
Thyroid Disorders
Nerve Pain

Prescription Drug

Lantus Solostar, Novolog, Levemir
Symbicort, Spiriva, Advair

“After being turned away by various advocacy programs, I was skeptical about this one but decided to give it a try. I am so thankful I did! I am now saving hundreds of dollars each month. Thank you!”
Here’s How It Works
STEP 1 – Tell Us About Yourself

Call us at 1-855-569-6337. We will ask you basic questions regarding yourself, your household and health insurance carrier (if any), and will enter the information into our partner portal.

STEP 2 – Receive Email and Phone Call from Our Partner

An advocate from our partner organization will email you within minutes of talking to us and filling out the application. Then, you will receive a phone call within 48 business hours of submitting the application. During the call, the advocate will discuss your specific situation and explain how the program works.

STEP 3 – Get Confirmation into the Program

If the Rx Advocacy Program is able to assist you with your prescription drug costs, our partner will confirm it with you and will explain the next steps for getting your medications.

STEP 4 – Communicate with Your Doctor

You will likely need to communicate with your doctor and the advocates to validate your prescriptions.

STEP 5 – Acquire Your Meds

Once you are a member of the Rx Advocacy Program, your prescription drugs will be mailed to you directly or you can pick them up from a local pharmacy (in some cases, the meds will be mailed to your doctor’s office).

Frequently Asked Questions

How is the Rx Advocacy Program different from your Discount Card service?

It differs from the Rx Saver discount card program because you must fill out an eligibility form in order to qualify for the program to receive low or no cost drugs. Additionally, it is a monthly program with a $60/monthly fee.

Who usually qualifies for this program?

We are able to help nearly everyone who signs up for the Rx Advocacy Program. Those that benefit most are typically those on high cost, maintenance drugs.

Is this program free?

In order to provide this service, there is a monthly fee of $60 – very minimal considering the overall savings each month!

RxSaver allows users to compare prescription prices and get discounts at local pharmacies across the nation.
Please contact us for more information.